Check List for Choosing a Good Summer Program

Canadian Family Magazine July 2007

Our experts at the Canadian Camping Association suggest asking whether a day camp offers:

  1. Accreditation, meaning the camp abides by the standards of its provincial camping association

  2. A good adult-to-kid ratio at all times (e.g. one adult for every six campers for six-to-eight year olds; the same or higher for field trips or swimming)

  3. Healthcare, first-aid and special needs training and resources

  4. Waterfront/swimming first-aid equipment, plus certified NLS lifeguards

  5. A child-centred camp philosophy that focuses on learning skills, boosting confidence and fun

  6. Clear behaviour management and bullying policies

  7. Experienced, trained and criminal-record free counselors, with 40 per cent or more returning from last year

  8. An opportunity to tour the facilities and meet the counselors

  9. A daily schedule (including rainy-day alternatives) and an outline of supplies your child will need

  10. A day-time contact number to reach your child or her counselor in an emergency

  11. Openness to parent volunteers, help or visits (this will give you a feel for the camp’s resources, supervision capacity, supply levels, etc.

  12. Healthy lunches for a fee, or an outline of snacks and food to bring



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