Why Put Your Children in Summer Camps?

Have you ever tried to search on the internet for recreation programs in Etobicoke? It is not exactly easy is it? I have created a new site focusing on recreation programs. Recreation is my passion. I have worked for a local municipal recreation department for many years and I can tell you for sure how much recreation means to children. It helps them to form meaningful relationships, learn new skills and most importantly it starts the important life lesson of how to get along with others - cooperation, respect and taking turns! Also, it keeps children active and out of potential trouble (with other less positive activities), especially as they get older. Many recreation departments have bullying policies in relation to their programs to protect children from getting hurt, both emotionally and physically.....good policies to have in this day and age.Also, many municipal recreation department have subsidy funds available to help children participate ... so that all children can play regardless of their income levels. Tim Horton's has a camp fund for children as does the Toronto Star (Fresh Air Fund) and the City of Toronto has programs called ARC and Welcome Policy. If you are in a position where you think you can't afford to send your children to summer programs please check these sources to see if they can help. If you are in a position to help... think about donating to these funds. Also, did you know that recreational swims are free in the City of Toronto?



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