Ontario Place Play All Summer Pass

With the Toronto Strike on I am finding my choices for affordable fun limited to say the least.... so I decide to trade in my one day pass for Ontario Place and convert it to a season pass. It cost me an extra $25 per person (cheaper if you buy more) - which basically pays for itself after one additional visit. Plus you get six parking vouchers ($5.00). Parking is $12.00 so the cost with 2 vouchers is $2. Note: during CNE (which you get free admission to) the parking goes up to $20 ... so save some parking vouchers for that if you choose to go my route with a season pass. So back to the fun.... well, I have to say it is a good deal of fun for everyone. I get to walk around and get exercise in a beautiful setting, my son gets to go on rides (good for kids up to 8 or so) with little wait time and there is a water park. Indoor fun? They got that too... there is an indoor playarea (for smaller kids but my son loved it) as well as as a few games areas and the Cinisphere for movies. We saw the dinosaur one today and it was really good. All for free. I think it is a great deal. For more info visit http://www.ontarioplace.com
Time to travel from Etobicoke: 15 minutes



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