Daycare Drama Continued

Well, we’re now entering week 3 of daycare and I must say she is adjusting beautifully; almost too beautifully for my selfish need to be loved. Imagine the feeling of having your daughter cry when she is leaving daycare to go home with you. Well that happened today. Now I fully understand that she is simply upset to be leaving her new best friend, but it still hurts. She does not mean any harm to me, she is just developing into a kid, fully cognizant of her surroundings. I should be ecstatic, that I don’t have to peel her off of me in the morning when I drop her off. I mean you hear horror stories of children sobbing uncontrollably standing by the door for hours on end waiting for Mommy or Daddy to return. Not her. I have called her care -giver at points during the day and can hear the two girls squealing with delight in the background. Apparently today, our little one was jumping up and down in the crib while the two of them giggled away. I knew all the hours of bouncing on the bed had a positive effect on her!

WE are truly lucky as she seems to thrive in new situations. She is definitely a people person. How can she not be given how much her Mom and I entertain? Our home has always been open to friends and family so this enabled her to get used to having people around from a very young age. We had a Super Bowl party last year when she was just weeks old, and she spent the bulk of the party sleeping in my arms. Of course she has her moments of uncertainty, even occasionally with people she knows very well, but for the most part, we have been EXTREMELY lucky that she is so social.

She does still get overwhelmed at times. For example she had her first experience with a room full of kids her own age and she was a lot quieter than usual. She was not fussy at all, just observant. He eyes were darting all over the place as if to say, “ I don’t even know where to start. There are so many kids! This is crazy!” I mean, can you imagine all of a sudden realize that there are so many kids that are either your age or close to it? It must be simply mind blowing! I’m not the only small person in this world! Many of our close friends do not have children so this was a great thing for her to experience. One of the little boys came over to her as we were leaving, and laid down beside her and have her a big hug and kiss, which had to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. It reminds you of how beautiful the innocence of youth is. How pure children are and how important it is to protect that and cherish it. Watching them grow and mature, although difficult for a parent to accept at times, is an incredible experience. As much as we’d all like to keep them as innocent as possible (I often joke that I wish I could somehow bottle this time of her life and revisit it whenever anyone feels down), it is the natural progression of life that makes the journey so exciting and rewarding. At this tender age, each day brings with it a new experience, some good, some bad, but everyone helps shape the person they are going to become. As much as you’d like to shape and mold them, it is their curiosity and exploration along with exposure to new and exciting things that help them along this journey.

Right now, she is having her bar hand singing the Elmo song with my wife. Although she can only say a few words, hearing the way she repeats “la-la-la-la” after my wife is the most beautiful music I have heard all day. I think I need to go give her a big hug and tell her much I love her….until next time… 

Jason Darby is a sports blogger, musician and most significantly the proud father of a beautiful 1-year-old daughter. He currently works in the academic publishing industry and is working on a book about the Maple Leafs and the pilot for a sitcom currently titled “The Shop”. He spends much of his spare time watching the Detroit Tigers with his little girl. Come back often to read his musings on raising a child from a father’s perspective. Please leave comments for Jason on this blog! You can also reach Jason on Twitter:

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