Help for Haiti

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World Vision is on the ground right now in the Haitian city of Port-Au-Prince, helping families and children devastated by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake Tuesday afternoon. Your donations are vital to the relief efforts and are needed today.

Every dollar makes a difference and now if you give a donation to the Haiti Earthquake victims through World Vision, by February 12th, it will double in impact due to a generous contribution from the Canadian Government.

With an international response team flying in from around the globe to assist, our relief efforts are underway. World Vision Haiti is now distributing emergency supplies to families and children struggling to deal with this catastrophic disaster.

World Vision has been working in Haiti for over 30 years, helping an estimate 300,000 Haitians each year to overcome poverty through providing access to education, improved access to food and clean water and improved nutrition as well as helping families with improved medical care. Now, more than ever, your help is needed to help families in Haiti and let them know they are not alone in this emergency. To donate:

Emergency kits help provide things like tarps, blankets, soap, towels, personal hygiene items and cooking utensils at $55 per family. Please note these costs are estimates due to the urgency of the situation, and may vary. 


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