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Starting next fall, the Ministry of Education will begin phasing in full-day early learning for up to 35,000 four- and five-year old students in Ontario. The ministry has approved the following full-day early learning program sites in Peel District School Board schools beginning Sept. 2010:

These schools will only offer full-day kindergarten programs as of Sept. 2010. Only families living within the boundary of any of the above schools can register children in the full-day program through the school's kindergarten registration process. Flexible boundary applications to access the early learning program will not be approved.

About the program

Through instruction and play-based learning, children will develop socially and emotionally through interaction with their peers and the adults who teach and guide them. They will also develop their capacity in language and mathematics, and engage in healthy physical activities and the arts. A new curriculum, based largely on the current kindergarten program, is being developed by the ministry.

As part of the full-day program, certified teachers and registered early childhood educators will work together to help young students learn and grow during the regular school day. Families can also choose to register their children for optional student programs held before and after the regular school day.

The ministry's goal is to have the program fully implemented in all publicly-funded schools in the province by 2015-16.

How were the schools selected?

In Nov. 2009, the Peel District School Board sent the ministry a list of potential schools based on:
  • available space
  • community need using Social Risk Index data
  • impact on existing local child care
  • student achievement
  • readiness to implement
Full-day early learning program registration will take place at the same time regular kindergarten registration occurs. Kindergarten Registration in Peel schools runs from Feb. 8 to 19. For information about kindergarten registration, contact your neighbourhood school or visit the "Kindergarten Registration" page of our website.

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