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Parenting Tip: Challenge your child's imagination

My son and I went to a park near where we live. To be honest, the park play structures are not very good so we rarely go to this park. They are old and outdated which is a common problem with many parks in Toronto. However,it is a beautiful setting along the mimico creek, so we decide to check out the new winter beauty. My son told me that the activity we did that day was his "berry most favourite thing to do." Guess what it is?

Exploring the outdoors in search of forts to hang out in. We found an old fort with wood stairs hammered into a tree and a roof attached (likely really old and not something I would do or use but neat to see for a kid), plus, we built one of our own.

Part of the fun was looking for natural areas that just looked like forts. This is great for your child's imagination. In total we must of spent 3 hours outside that day. Neither of us got bored. Really cool fun.

PS- This picture was taken a day later, we took dad to see it. The game was for him to find the fort (by playing a game of hot and cold). He did find that fort (although he can't find anything around the house, but that is another story). The hockey stick pictured here is the fort flag. We were all really proud that day. We built a fort.

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