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I now have a blog site for you to read on, my site is called Mom Inc. and it is about trying to balance my busy life. Mothers who run their own businesses will especially be able to relate. Leave me your comments and your web site too! I love to hear about what you do!
My first blog was called "Bee Does Books" ( Bee is my nick name). It was hosted on Geocities. Anyone remember Geocities?Back then it was cutting edge. I think it was the first blog site around before it was even called "blogging". At the time, it was really fascinating to find out who else was reading the same books as me and their take on it.  I was in awe of the virtual connection I felt with like minded strangers. Fast forward 10 years later,... I started blogging about being a new mom. It was hugely healing for me because I had postpartum depression and writing was my therapy. Read more



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