Driving & March Break!

March has come in like a lamb.  Don’t let it fool you.  You live in Canada.  Expect it to go out like a lion.  Twenty percent of our annual snowfall occurs after March first.  So don’t take that winter driving kit out of the trunk quite yet (see). That said...before you hop in the car and drive off for the family March Break Escape, an ounce of prevention is in measure:
  • Check your tire pressure regularly.  The fluctuating temperatures outside affects your tire pressure. One tire under inflated by 10 percent will cost you 5 percent more in fuel.  Also, improperly inflated tires are harder to control and take a greater distance to stop in dry or wet or snowy conditions.
  • Proper packing.  Not just an extra pair of boxers,  but having your boxes and bags of stuff properly stowed in the trunk or secured in the back.  A sudden stop can send the holiday camera flying to the front of the car (or the back of your head).  Not a pretty picture at 100 kph.  While you are at it, pack all the passengers properly.  Seat belts stop flying people from hitting the driver while swerving around a potential crash.
  • Now that the occupants are packed, ensure they are properly entertained.  Books or i-pods or an on board (professionally secured) DVD player can work here.  The idea is to allow you to concentrate on the road rather than referee the discussions about who is bugging whom.  Eight five percent of crashes are driver error. That is something I did or something you failed to do as  drivers sharing the same road.  Most often the phrase “I just didn’t see the car” is followed by “I was distracted by someone/thing in the car”.  So, although you want your cell phone for an emergency, put it away while driving.  BTW: operation of ANY hand held electronic device while driving will cost you a $155 ticket.
For more driving tips visit Young Driver's of Canada



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