Oh Canada: A Moment shared between a Father and Daughter

I was so happy to have shared Canada’s Gold Medal win yesterday with Lyla. I am doubtful she had any real idea of what was happening but there she was bouncing on my knee throughout the game as we took home the Gold Medal. Wearing her Team Canada Maple Leaf, and matching sweatshirt, clapping when we clapped, saying “Uh OH” when we did and screaming along with us in celebration once Sydney Crosby buried the OT winner. As we celebrated in the living room with our guests, she was in my arms hugging me for all she was worth. As I have said before, sports is a very strong bonding experience between parents and children and very few things can create the feeling of camaraderie that sports can build, and this was a moment like no other. When she reads about these Olympics, and given Canada’s record setting performance, I am fairly confident she will, she will ask me where she was when this happened, and I’ll be more than happy to tell her. On a side note, we just bought a house on the weekend with a big backyard, perfect for a hockey rink. Who knows, maybe one day my little girl will help Canada bring home the gold and people will take to the streets celebrating her achievements. A bit far-fetched, I realize, but at least for today, I am proud to have shared my love of sports with Lyla through an event that explemplified sportsmanship, perseverance and some of the bravest performances I have ever witnessed. When I looked at her and told her that we had just won the biggest game in our countries history all I could think as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes is how proud I am to be a Canadian and how lucky I am to get to raise my daughter in such a great country.



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