The Grade D Report - Get Playing Outside Kids!

The report card is out on our children`s health. Our children get a GRADE D in physical activity but really we should get the D.  Sad.  We parents are on laptops (more convenient then ever), we are on iphones and blackberries. You think our kids don`t care or notice? They do and what`s worse is they mirror our actions. That`s why I started my outdoor playgroup through Active Kids Club. We meet every Monday in the park and I haven`t missed a week yet (we started March 1st).  Here`s a link to the info in the report in the Toronto Star for motivation. Need more motivation? Here`s yet another aspiring video for you to look at. Better yet - show it to your kids. Make that be their screen time! Even little changes help.

Here are a few considerations:

  1. Make sure you know your child care providers outdoor time ``policy`` and that it matches yours. Be sure you talk about this before signing on! If you are able to pick your kids up from school try and walk.  Bring a soccer ball with you. My son loves to play soccer with me after school.  We always end up attracting some friends to play with us too!

  2. Start with a simple step - go outside for 20 minutes and play tag. Kids love it and gets everyone`s heart rate up. If you want to get your own exercise in try running or speed walking while they ride their bikes. Great bonding time.

  3. Walk when you can with your kids - to school, shopping etc. It is a great way for you to fit in your fitness time as well.

  4. Explore nature when you get a chance. There is nothing like connecting with you children over nature. My son and I just discovered a snail out of it`s shell - it was the coolest thing.

  5. Try and find like minded friends to hang out with for you and your kids. It makes life easier if your friends want to be outside together. My neighourhour across the street and I have bonded and gotten really close just from hanging out with our kids outside. We are also learning together to give our kids space to explore on their own! Great resource for Free Range Parenting is Free Range Kids.

  6. Schedule the time to play (both for you and your children and together!) That means scheduling free play time, not just structured activities like art class etc.
  7.  Lastly - Have fun, be silly. There are actually a few book just on the subject of play. Playful Parenting is a great title to consider.

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  1. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks for a great post. A lot of great suggestions.

  2. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks for a great post. A lot of great suggestions.


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