Get out & Get Active with Toronto Adventure Boot Camp

Spring is here and using the outdoors to get into shape is easy and it’s free!

Take advantage of the weather and take your exercise routine outside. It provides great atmosphere and motivation to keep going.

Try going for a jog through the park, take it to the beach, climb some rocks. Use the environment around you and get a great workout.

Here are some ideas for outdoor exercises:
  1. Push Ups on a bench or rock
  2. Moving Lunges
  3. Run up and down stairs
  4. Step Ups on rocks
  5. Low shuffles on the beach
  6. Dips on a bench
  7. Wall Squats using a tree, post, wall or rock
  8. Intervals with lamp posts or trees – sprint for 1, jog for 1
  9. Quick Step on a low rock or step – standing on ground tapping one foot on top of rock/step at a time – for high impact add a hop
  10. Plank on a bench

If motivation is your challenge, find a friend who will join you. Schedule a time to meet and workout. Another option is to hire a personal trainer who will meet you at the park and provide you with a challenging outdoor program. If working out in a group is more your style, outdoor boot camps are also a great way get in shape.

Allison Amery is the co-owner of Toronto Adventure Boot Camp, a four week fitness program that excites, motivates and gets results.  For more information call 416-434-6378, email us at or visit our website

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