10 Easy Ways to Cut Calories Everyday

Losing weight is a numbers game!  We all know that you have to burn more calories than you take in.  The challenge becomes how to consume less.  Sometimes, it may be easier then you might think.

  1. Choose fruit instead of juice.  A medium apple is approx. 70 calories.  A cup of apple juice is 115 calories.  Juice can also have added sugar and has less nutritional value.  (Calories recovered:  45)

  2. Say no to pop!  The average can of pop contains 160 calories, is loaded with sugar and has zero nutritional value.  Try water instead and add flavour by putting in slices of fruit.  (Calories recovered:  160)
  3. Wrap vs. Bagel:  Instead of going for a calorie heavy bagel (can clock in anywhere from 210 – 350 calories) try having a wrap instead (110 – 130 calories).   (Calories recovered:  100-220)
  4. Go Light!  Choose light versions of mayonnaise.  It can save you up to 50 calories for every tablespoon.  (Calories recovered:  50)
  5. Check the nuts!  Make sure you measure out nuts before you eat them.  They are packed with calories.  One ounce of nuts (between 15 – 25 nuts) can be worth 200 calories.  
  6. Put off the pasta.  Try taking ¼ cup less of pasta.  (Calories recovered:  50-60)
  7. Go Chicken!  Try having 4 oz of chicken breast instead of 4 oz of steak.  You’ll save in calories and over 8 grams of fat.  (Calories recovered:  65)
  8. Have a glass of wine.  Choose a 4 oz glass of wine instead of a 12 oz beer.  (Calories recovered:  50)
  9. Say Yes to Halloween Chocolate!  If you have a craving for chocolate, try having a Halloween size bar (approx. 70 – 110 calories) instead of the full size (190 – 250).  (Calories recovered:  80 – 180) 
  10. Season to Taste.  Use herbs and spices instead of butter or margarine to add flavour to your vegetables.  (Calories recovered:  100 per tablespoon)
It doesn’t take a lot of effort to save calories.  You need to be diligent and making many small changes can add up to saving a lot of calories.

    If motivation is your challenge, find a friend who will join you. Schedule a time to meet and workout. Another option is to hire a personal trainer who will meet you at the park and provide you with a challenging outdoor program. If working out in a group is more your style, outdoor boot camps are also a great way get in shape.

    Allison Amery is the co-owner of Toronto Adventure Boot Camp, a four week fitness program that excites, motivates and gets results.  For more information call 416-434-6378, email us at info@bodybyubootcamp.com or visit our website www.bodybyubootcamp.com

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