A little smile can make it all seem better

A very close friends of mine’s father had a heart attack on Saturday night. Needless to say neither of them were in very good spirits when we met up with them on Sunday. I mean, their Dad was in hospital, and nobody could tell them anything about what the prognosis was until he had his angiogram Tuesday. We talked about it for a while and of course, nothing really helped. All we could do was speculate as to what could possibly happen, which really didn’t help. It probably only fueled their anxiety, as much as we were all just trying to help.

Then it dawned on me; what cheers me up when I am not feeling so great about things? The answer is simple; my little girl. So instead of ordering another round, I suggested we head back to my place for some Lyla time. As soon as Jenny laid eyes on that sweet innocent face and heard her say, “Hey!” the trouble seemed to slip away, at least for a few minutes. Lyla reached for her, arms outstretched and Jenny was more than happy to oblige. Lyla asked her what that was, what this is, and her wonder and innocence brought a much-needed smile to a sad face.

Pretty soon it was bath time, and she insisted that Jenny come to. Lyla introduced her to all her friends; Quackers, Joey, Mama Fin, Baby Fin, Sea-WOWW, the whole gang! She splashed, and screamed and splashed some more. She kissed her toys, and then offered them up to Jenny so they could kiss her and try and make her feel a little bit better. After bat time was over and pajamas were on, she came out and gave both Chris and Jenny a big hug and a kiss as if she knew they were both hurting. You could see the momentary happiness on both of their faces.

I know that it doesn’t make what they are going through any better in the long run, but for that brief fleeting moment, the smile and admiration of a beautiful and innocent little one looking up to you and wrapping her little arms around your neck can make it a little bit easier. It amazes me the love you can feel for a baby and how much better even a simple smile can make you.

Jason Darby
is a sports blogger, musician and most significantly the proud father of a beautiful 1-year-old daughter. He currently works in the academic publishing industry and is working on a book about the Maple Leafs and the pilot for a sitcom currently titled “The Shop”. He spends much of his spare time watching the Detroit Tigers with his little girl. Come back often to read his musings on raising a child from a father’s perspective. Please leave comments for Jason on this blog! You can also reach Jason on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/darbyjason

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