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My Nomination Submission for my son's amazing teacher Mrs. Loop.

I have so much to say about this wonderful teacher. Ms. Loop has been a huge influence in my son's life. My son R. was born later in the year and was one of the younger children in his class (JK/Sk). R. had some initial struggles with printing and fine motor skills. I worried and Mrs. Loop did everything in her power to help my son get the help he needed. R. was evaluated early thanks to Mrs. Loop and placed on a wait list to receive occupational therapy. I worried that he would not receive the help in time. During the year and half wait for assistance Mrs. Loop volunteered her lunch hour to help R. with his printing and made it her mission to learn as much as she could to help him. She was also there for me during the stress of returning to work after my second maternity leave. Mrs. Loop always had a smile for me and answered any emails I had for her within a day. I am happy to say that R. has improved in all areas of his schooling and I know it has everything to do with Mrs. Loop. Mrs loops cares, she's passionate, she's fun, she teaches the children amazing science projects like growing butterflies and ant colonies (the ants got lost in the mail - that saga was the funny part - my son came home and told me about it every day until the ants were located!). Mrs Loop is creative, supportive and involves the family in lessons - she regularly had my youngest son in her classroom = from the time he was born until he turned one. The kids loved it - she even had a birthday party for N. to celebrate the milestone with the classroom. I'm amazed at how productive she is, she provides a weekly sheet on their activities, and a monthly calendar. She also maintains an awesome web site. She is the most amazing teacher I have ever come across. My son is afraid of leaving her classroom and moving onto grade one (so am I!), Mrs Loop has listened to his worries, reassured him and took him on a private tour of the grade one classroom. I think Mrs. Loop knew I was worried too and left a sweet note about visiting the classroom and the neat stuff they saw! We all love Mrs. Loop.

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