Play, by Stuart Brown, M.D., with Christopher Vaughan

This book is the perfect thing if you need permission to relax, loosen up, let go. It proves (with scientific evidence) that play is not only good for us, but is as necessary as sleep! With examples of how play helps adults have career-changing breakthroughs, Stuart Brown discusses the role of play for adults – something many people think is taboo; an activity only allowed for children. He also talks about the importance that playing has on both the social and brain development of children.

I am a pretty strong believer in the value of play, I didn’t need convincing but it was great to read a book that tells me I'm right! If you are having a hard time relaxing while the kids play outside instead of doing more homework inside; or, if you have someone else in your life that you’re trying to convince to loosen up a little, this just might be the right book at the right time.

Review by: Tabitha Brown

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