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Opening an RESP is just one of the things you can do to help build your baby’s future. Creating a nurturing and challenging environment is also key. One of the most important areas of development is communication.

Here is a list of helpful tips you can use to encourage your baby’s communication:

Have "conversations" with your baby

Babies learn how to converse by following your lead. When they coo or babble – you coo and babble back. It is an easy way for them to start understanding the rules of a conversation.

Talk to your baby normally

Babies will start to understand what you are saying before they start speaking. They will also start absorbing the rules of language by listening to you. Using the right sentence structure and grammar will help them develop these skills properly.


Keep a running dialogue about what your baby is doing. When the baby reaches for your nose, you can say “That’s my nose”, when he grabs your nose say “You’re grabbing my nose”. You should also tell him what you’re doing. Tell him what you’re doing when you’re cooking or when you are dressing him. The more language a baby is exposed to the better their understanding will be.

Sing songs

Songs are an important part of learning language. Because they are repeated, children have a chance to learn them over time. Songs, finger plays or movement activities teach children words that have physical clues attached. When a baby has learned a clapping song, she can ask for it by clapping her hands, even before she knows how to say, "I want to sing the clapping song!"

Read books

Look for books with photos or bright, bold pictures. You don’t have read the story of the book – point out the different objects in the pictures. Babies love to have objects labeled and they love to hear your voice. Make sure they are sitting across from you so they can see you read. Babies learn language by watching your mouth form the words.

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