City of Toronto and G20 Summit

The City of Toronto is proud to be the host city for the G20 Summit and welcomes the world to our great city. The theme for the G20 Toronto Summit is “Recovery and New Beginnings”.
Toronto's tourism, business and banking, culture, diversity and environmental leadership will be in the world spotlight and lasting international business relationships will be developed.

Read more about what to expect during the G20 Summit (Our Toronto publication, Summer 2010)

Read the message to residents from the federal government and the City of Toronto. (Our Toronto publication, Spring 2010)

What's new

G20 update for residents and businesses

Find out more about what affected residents and businesses inside the security zone need to know.
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G20 Toronto Summit preparations under way

The City of Toronto and its partners are busy preparing for the G20 Toronto Summit on June 26 and 27, 2010. Find out more about getting around downtown, the affected area and safety plans. Check back soon for more up-to-date information.

Income loss due to the G20 Summit

Expectations are that the Summit will produce broad-based benefits for the local community, such as increased tourism and wider exposure to international media. The federal government has developed an ex-gratia payment policy to provide payments for certain business losses stemming from security measures taken locally to protect the leaders and ensure the smooth functioning of the event. For more information, visit or call 1-877-750-6042.

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  1. Oh yes, Toronto is certainly going to be in the spotlight for the next couple of days. Let's hope it will be shown in the best light possible. I have already read some critical views, though - especially about Toronto becoming isolated due to canceling many trains etc. (and other security measures)


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