Host Your Mom's Group at the Kingsway Cafe & Movie Theatre

Host your Mom's Group at the Kingsway Cafe and Theatre! We have a great cafe where you can enjoy coffee with your friends and then watch a movie in our cool theatre. The Kingsway Theatre is one of the few remaining classic theatres - but newly renovated! We have two changing stations for your babies, one in our bathroom and one right in the theatre. After the movie, enjoy a walk in the Kingsway - with great shops and restaurants to explore!

Location: 3030 Bloor Street, Toronto

Join me this Wednesday at 12:05 pm (Cafe Open at 11:30 am)
for Academy Award Winning - The Secret in Their Eyes 

The story, set in 1999, is told in flashback form: in June 1974 a federal justice agent, Benjamin Esposito, investigates the brutal rape and murder of a young woman in her house in a Buenos Aires neighborhood. Her husband, bank employee Ricardo Morales, is shocked by the news; Esposito vows to find the killer and bring him to justice. hough at first it seems justice will be served, a corrupt government system sets the killer free. Many years later, Esposito finds out that in fact, maybe the best kind of justice is taking place.

Enjoy Free Coffee Refills and win a gift certificate from Diaper-eez

Cine-Babe Movie Mornings is sponsored by: CST Consultants Inc 
and Diaper-eez 

The Kingsway Theatre is located at - 3030 Bloor Street West. 

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