How to Chill Web Site for Teen Girls

The SNAP® Girls Connection program at CDI has been operating for more than ten years, each year
providing individual and group intervention to about 75 girls under age 12, and their families. “A
large part of our work with girls deals with girlhood aggression and bullying,” says Tony Diniz,
Executive Director. “Increasingly, we are seeing girls struggling with stress, anxiety, and low self esteem." helps girls develop the tools they need to manage some of those issues
themselves. And of course, it enables us to serve an exponential number of girls who need that
help.” The SNAP® (Stop Now and Plan) model was developed by CDI and is now being adapted and
replicated in programs around the world, including in Ontario’s public school system. is CDI’s first web‐based tool and is a response to the growing need for mental health
services for children and youth. Among Ontario students from grades 7 to 12, one‐third report
psychological distress, with levels among girls twice as high as boys. Girls are also more likely to be
bullied, with the most prevalent form being verbal or non‐physical.

A special feature of the project was the involvement of a group of at‐risk girls in the SNAP® Girls
Connection program. They were involved in initial focus groups to plan the project, and throughout
the development of the website

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