How to navigate Walt Disney World with your infant and not lose your mind

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World as a Guest in a few roles – teenager, couple, Travel agent and most recently; a parent. With each new role, I find myself discovering another attraction, dining experience and route to get around.

Some said I was nuts taking my 7 month old to Florida. Others said they were waiting until “they can appreciate it”. I am taking my child while they are still free at the Disney theme parks (children under 3 are) and will have fun making great memories that can happen at all ages!

From my two recent trips, January and March - in the eyes of a parent - I have devised ways to enjoy Walt Disney World Resort with your infant and not lose your mind.
  1. Stay on-site. More specifically, either at a monorail or Boardwalk area resort. Yes, these are Deluxe Level and therefore pricier. However my rationale is you’re not paying for a park ticket, so you’re saving a couple hundred dollars. When you’re staying at a monorail resort, you wheel your stroller right on for both Magic Kingdom and Epcot. No crying when removing your infant from their comfy spot at the end of the day. Not to mention the monorail is an attraction in itself! When staying at a Boardwalk area Resort, you can walk to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in under 20 minutes or take the boat (not stroller friendly). PLUS – the themed pools of Deluxe Resorts are so fantastic, chances are you'll spend a whole day there!|

  2. Rent a car and bring your own car seat. I can tell you first hand how awesome it was to have our own vehicle at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in March because this resort only offers bus transportation. Parking is free at Disney Parks for Disney Resort Guests. Why bring your own car seat? Because the ones provided at the Orlando International Airport looked like an uncomfortable piece of plastic that I fear using.

  3. Baby Care Centres. Fabulous oasis of calm for your infant in the middle of a bustling park. What are they? Kitchenettes to heat up food, high chairs, room to change diapers/clothes, a place to buy something forgotten and a quiet room for nursing. It’s a place to escape the heat with your infant for a short period of time. This is not a place for naps, go back to your Resort if they won’t sleep in the stroller. There is a Baby Care Center at all 4 Disney theme parks.

  4. Check out the attractions that are not thrill rides and believe me, there are lots! As part of the itinerary planning for my Guests, I point out places to hit and those to avoid when traveling with an infant.

  5. Umbrella stroller. Make sure it has a good canopy and that you can handle it with one hand, as you will be opening and closing it several times throughout the day.

I really could go on, but I’ve hit my limit for space. I hope this is a good jumping off point for planning. I’m more than happy to help my guests with so many more tips!

Kathryn Dickson is a Disney Vacation Planning Specialist with Fairytale Dreams and Destinations. Fairytale Dreams and Destinations which is the only TICO registered agency in Ontario that deals specifically with Disney destinations. You can contact Kathryn at 905-857-3611 or by email at

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