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Recently, I was at a round table discussion with the president of Maple Leaf Foods - Michael McCain. It was a compelling night of discussion from moms and dads who care about the food their families eat. Michael did not try and sugar coat the events that took place in the Summer of 2008. Many people were affected and some even died- I could tell that Michael was sincerely sorry about this. We talked food safety and how food handling processes have changed since that tragic event. I feel quite confident in eating Maple Leaf products. In fact, I ate the chicken and cold cuts that were provided to us and was impressed with the quality. I never buy cold cuts in a package but the new Natural Selections Line is impressive. The ingredients all fit on the front of the package in a few short lines. I like that. The re-sealable feature is handy.

We also talked about food safety at home which was helpful. Tips like washing your reusable shopping bag and being mindful of how you store your food in the fridge, to using a meat thermometer.

Here is a link to their food safety at home site for more info.

Here's Maple Leaf Food video explaining the changes:

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