Do Your Kids Play Street Games?

Recently, I checked out New York Street Games DVD complete with a game instruction book. I really enjoyed watching the interviews with various celebrities that lived in New York City. Their descriptions of what games they played as youth were funny and entertaining. I have worked in the field of recreation my entire career and I can certainly say that children learn so many skills from free play. Children learn fine and gross motor skills and most importantly they learn social skills (and emotional intelligence). As a mom I can say that I want to ensure my children get enough exercise (a national problem amongst this generation of children) and allowing your children to play outside gives them an easy opportunity to get their daily exercise. Lastly, play is a great stress reliever (since our children are under constant pressure in school and formal activities). So if you need inspiration - please pick up a copy of the DVD available on More info on this great project. 
More info on Play and park space visit: Kaboom

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