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The Dove Esteem Movement - What Would I Tell My 13 year old self.... "You're Pretty in Pink!"

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leighdance.jpgDid you know... 70% of girls believe they don't measure up in some way.

If I could go back in time and talk to my thirteen year old me I would say nothing to her at first. I would instead give her a hug. Then I would pause, look her straight in the eyes and say"It will be okay".

Life was not easy for me at thirteen.

It isn't easy for any thirteen year old - girl or boy but when you add in a dad who drank too much, struggles with school because of learning disabilities and separating your time between two homes (my parents divorced when I was two), you could say life was less than perfect. Back then I would dream it could be perfect and wished it could be perfect. I think I obsessed about perfection all these years simply because life seemed pretty dam un-perfect all those years ago and I thought if it was perfect I would be happy.

I was never any good at sports growing up (probably because I gave up too easily)and felt extremely uncomfortable when I was the last kid picked for gym class games. By high school I hid behind my humour. I still do. I make fun of myself a lot - maybe a bit too much. I would also say sorry a bit to often too.I am gaining a lot of insight into those old days and I feel confident that I could speak to my thirteen year old self with strength, wisdom and courage now.

I would tell my thirteen year old self to believe in your talents (take the time to explore what they are). I would say = "Don't give up Leigh - have faith in your future . You won't believe me now but all this pain in your life has purpose". I would tell her to never be afraid to tell the truth. Share your pain and experience with others one day so that they too will learn that they are not alone.

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