Awakening Your Children’s Math Sense

Do you remember sitting in math class, quietly completing page after page of problems? Your teacher might have shown you a few examples, then you were expected to work similar problems until you learned the skill. Does your child come home talking about a very different experience in math learning – one in which they solve situational problems, and work together? It is true; recent reforms in education have changed the face of mathematics learning for children. No longer is being able to simply calculate enough; students are expected to be active learners and solve problems that focus on real-world situations.

As a response to these changes, Plus223 Education is bringing the Algo Club after-school programme to the Greater Toronto Area. The Algo Club is a revolutionary instructional weekly 90-minute after-school programme for Grade 1-6 students. This programme is designed to develop mathematical thinking, reasoning, analytical, and communication skills – all through engaging games, puzzles, and hands-on activities.

The Algo Club programme enables all students, regardless of their level of math skills, to build tools, strategies, and thought processes that result in success and confidence when learning mathematics. These abilities – critical thinking, reasoning, communication – help students in all academic areas, as well as outside school, and make them well-rounded, self-directed learners.
When you were a student, wouldn’t it have been great to feel confident in math class?

The Algo Club was developed in Japan over 10 years ago, and has been bringing excitement for mathematics learning to more than 3,500 students every week. Students often do not realize they are engaged in “math learning”, only that they are enjoying puzzles and games. The original programme has been tailored and accommodated to meet the needs of Canadian students, and to bring them the same exciting learning experiences. During an Algo Club session, two programme facilitators engage with 12-24 students in math learning experiences. This small ratio allows our facilitators multiple opportunities for interaction with each individual student.

Plus223 Education is an educational service company based in the Toronto area. The main goal of Plus 223 is to deliver rich educational experiences that allow students to realize that learning is fun. This, in turn, promotes their self-confidence so they can reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. The Algo Club is currently being offered in many locations in the Greater Toronto Area – Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill. To find the location nearest you, visit our website at, or call 647.996.9223.  Follow Plus223 Education on Facebook & Twitter

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