Zara Umbach and her friends have formed Zee Reviews at They are hitting the kids’ concert circuit and planning music, movie and book review parties. Their Moms are thinking this is an energetic, low cost way for these kids to get together to enjoy music and share movies/books. And, of course, the kids’ secret plan is to meet artists - ‘for real’.

The Zee Reviews team recently grilled Splash‘N Boots on all aspects of their upcoming 5th CD release. The team may be the youngest interviewers Splash‘N Boots have ever sat down with.

“It was such a fabulous idea we couldn’t resist,” smiles Taes Adams, the group’s ‘Boots’. “We know that our young fans are who we owe our success to and we love to hear about how they enjoy and perceive our music.”

Zee Reviews started with background questions - How old are they? Were they married? Do they have any children? How did you get your name?

They are both 29 and Taes just celebrated her birthday! Happy Birthday Taes! They are married and don’t have any children but they have a new puppy named Lily! There first concert was in the pouring rain and everyone got to splash around in boots!

Then the fashion questions – Where did Boots get her boots? Can they jump in the big rubber boots they are featured on this tour?

Boots bought her boots at Payless and added the patches herself and yellow shoelaces. The big yellow boots are blown up for the stage show and so the kids can’t jump in them.

Then the music questions - How did they learn to sing? What music do they like? Do they like their own music? How do you write your songs? Do they have any French songs?

They met in university but their singing careers started when they were young. Taes took singing lessons and joined a choir. Nick’s family all played music, including his three older brothers. He grew up on a farm so that is how he is so good on creating barnyard animal sounds!

They like lots of Canadian bands such as Great Big Sea. Nick writes most of the songs on his guitar and they record everything – including songs they create in a car! Although they have sung The Pirate Song maybe 3 million times they still like it! They don’t sing in French and they can’t sing in Chinese either but they have traveled all over.

The success of their album, Popcorn Pickles and Parrots, brought them international recognition. Their list of accolades and achievements include a "Canadian Children’s Group of the Year" award, a United States iParenting “Best” audio award, and “Children’s Album of The Year”


Boldly titled Back in Yellow, the duo’s soon-to-be-released CD is a collection of edgy rock and pop songs – think Barenaked Ladies meets They Might Be Giants. The album, recorded over 9 months in 3 different recording studios, features some of Toronto’s best session musicians, boasts celebrity voice cameos including Chris Patterson of The Arrogant Worms and will be available to fans by early December 2010.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Back in Yellow CD will be donated to Sick Kids Hospital. Splash'N Boots have begun doing in-house Kitchen Jams for the young patients at Sick Kids in an effort to bring the joy of live music right to their rooms.

SPLASH'N BOOTS Live concert

Splash'N Boots recent live show in Owen Sound was full of improvisation and up-on-your feet grooves. The Zee Reviews team spent the whole time on their feet dancing! They loved Monster Party and Barnyard Band because they could make lots of noises and improvise with the group!

Splash'N Boots’ style spans all occasions and all ages: music for car trips, music for families, music for campfires, music for the city, music for the country, music for life!



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