You're Almost There Girl! Inspiration for Achieving Your Goals

How To Make The Leap From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

Evening in partnership with Girl's Night In (In Support of the Canadian Cancer Society) 

Presented by: Esther Bartkiw (see bio below)

When: January 25, 2011

Where: Banana Republic - 80 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

What's Included: Wine, Appetizers, Workshop, Prize Draw, Banana Republic is open to our work only for this event. Attendees are able to shop after the workshop & receive 25% all purchases including clearance items when they purchase over $100.

Cost & Registration: $20.00 (a portion of ticket sales will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society). Click here to register.

Workshop Description:

The “I’m Almost There Girl,” is a girl who has achieved success in one or more areas of her life but in others a gap exists between where she stands and where she aches to be. What she wants appears to be just out of her reach.

In this fascinating session of personal story and tips for success, Esther will offer to you the information and techniques she used to bridge the gaps in many areas of her life.
  • the power in making a decision 
  • how clarity is key 
  • you have to believe it to achieve it 
  • take massive action 
  • dream big for we dream too small 
  • faith and perseverance during shaky times 
  • celebrating your success is mandatory 

These tips will help you get unstuck and moving forward creating the life, the business, you want; on your terms.

Learning Outcomes:
  • where in your life are you "almost there" and what it takes to make the leap from where you are to where you want to be 
  • why making a decision is perhaps the single most important mental move you can make 
  • the power and importance of your beliefs and why you have to believe it to create it 
  • why taking action within 48 hours of making a decision is crucial to your success 
  • what to do when you hit a bump in the road 
  • the importance of celebrating your successes big and small
Leave this seminar feeling inspired, confident and back on track; ready to shed your, "I'm Almost There Girl" status. You'll move forward hearing the voice of Esther whispering to you "You're Almost There Girl, it's time to take the leap."

About Esther

Esther Bartkiw is a Certified Core Belief Engineering Psychotherapist, Personal Growth and Transformation Specialist, Seminar Leader, Speaker, Author and Successful Entrepreneur.

People describe Esther as a passionate and inspiring speaker. Her energy is infectious; her message is stirring. She encourages her audience to take back their power, exercise choice and reach for their goals and dreams. Esther is most passionate about delivering a message of hope, inspiration and encouragement that change is possible; it's never too late. It's as simple as changing a thought or belief.

Esther Bartkiw speaks regularly in front of networking and entrepreneurial groups; educational institutes, national companies and associations. With a degree in Communications from McGill University and a journalism background, she got her start as a presenter working as a radio talk show host and newscaster.

Esther is a featured guest on various television and radio programs such as the Steven and Chris Show, CH Morning Live and was recently featured in a full page spread in Hamilton Magazine.For more information visit her web site Change from Within.

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