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I have to admit that since becoming a mother of two I find it increasing more difficult to manage my weight. In my twenties and early thirties I had two things I currently don't have.  Number one is a weakened metabolism and number two, I have a even weaker sense of self control when it comes to eating desserts. So when I came across this BMI calculator I thought I would access my current weight situation. 

 When I put in the information into the calculator I have to admit I closed my eyes just as I processed the results. I figured that I would be in trouble but as it turns out I am not in as bad of shape as I thought. My numbers are in check for my height and weight.

There has been some controversy over such tools for evaluating your weight and I am not sure if I would use this a definitive tool to decide on whether your weight is unhealthy. Other important aspects do come into play such as whether you exercise and what your food choices are. For example, my step father would be considered to be in the healthy range yet I happen to know he lives on diet of steak and eggs on a practically daily basis! So I would be looking at other aspects of his health to deem him "healthy" but that is another story.

I think the moral of this story is to eat healthy as best you can, to exercise regularly (AKA Play outside!) and to use tools like the BMI calculator to bench mark success. Children as young as two years old of age should be playing (aka exercising) every day for at least one hour a day. So I make sure to try and give opportunities for my family to be outside each day for at least an 1 hour getting exercise. I think that this is important even if they are with the acceptable BMI levels. Food for thought!



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