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I love rewards. I always look for great loyalty programs where I can spend money on everyday things and get perks for it! Would you not say that is a no brainer? I also happen to have a great passion for traveling. Quite frankly I can't get enough adventure in my life. I love to discover new places so badly that I have decided to rename myself the Adventureista. I figure one day I will start a blog that will contain all my adventures. I have traveled all across Canada, Europe and the Caribbean and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my aeroplan card

I use my credit card for every day things so that my rewards build up. My husband does this as well so whenever we travel we always use the Aeroplan travel site to book our rewards. I love it. The system is really easy to use and I can do all my travel needs quickly and efficiently.

The card also contains extra travel perks like Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance,
Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance and Card members also receive out-of-town emergency medical and legal referrals by telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
This type of traveling gives you total peace of mind. I really love that part of you never know when a trip can take a turn for the worse on you. I love to travel and I also love to be prepared so this is the perfect combination. 
Next year my sister is getting married and has decided to have the wedding in New Orleans. My next trip will be planned soon and I can't wait...



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