Golfing in Fall Splendour

I have tried to take up many athletic pursuits over the years and I must say the activities that work best for me are definitely those that are in the outdoors. I always feel like I can relax into my exercise more when it is outside. This Fall I am hoping to get out of the City with my family and over to Ottawa (one of my favourite Cities) to take in some sightseeing and I might even hit the Kanata Golf Club called Loch March while I am there as there is nothing prettier than a golf course in the fall wouldn't you agree?

I have to admit I am a horrible golfer but it is fun to ride around in the cart and take a smack at the golf balls!

Golfing can be a great couple's pursuit as you can talk as you walk amongst the course and reconnect with zero distractions. My husband used to golf quite a bit when we were first married but then children came and it was a bit too busy for him to get out on a regular basis. I figure I am okay with him wasting away a whole day for golf as long as I can get waste the day away with him! LOL.

Golf is a great game to practice your patience. If you are an inpatient person by nature then you will find that golf can be frustrating unless you take it as the opportunity to learn how it can improve your ability to remain calm in a tense situation. I can't tell you enough how upset I used to get when I missed hitting the ball. Golf looks so easy but really it is as challenging as say learning tennis. 

My sister recently took up golf. She is not what I describe as sport but has really taken to the game of golf and I hope to join her on the golf course one day in Vancouver! 

So if you are looking for something fun do this fall as a couple or with your family, consider hitting the golf course!



  1. Most people think that playing golf is easy. Actually, it is a game of strategies and intense thinking. Most golfers at Mill Pond golf really enjoy it when the course gets tougher and tougher.


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