My Camp Memories

I am a self acclaimed "Camp Counsellor Mom". My life has revolved around camp. I come from a long line of campy family members. My great grandfather spent time guiding campers through the bush and my father was a Director of Parks and Recreation and I worked in camps through high school and subsequently went on to work for the local recreation department for over 10 years in health promotion. Some of my close friends call me Leslie Knopes from Parks and Recreation and strangely enough Leslie's passionate weirdness inspires me so I am okay with that label.

My first memories of camp are special. My parents sent me to both day and residential sleep over camp. When I was asked to write this post the first memory that popped into my head were how much I looked up to the camp councillors that I spent my camp days with. I remember their cool roots sweat shirts and their tretorn shoes. I loved their hair cuts (bobs) and funny jokes. They were the cool cats. 

On the last day of camp I remember a cold morning sitting around listening to Men With Out Hats.

I also remember learning to water ski and canoe. I learned how believe in myself and had friendships that lasted for years. I remember writing letters to my parents and yummy tuck shop candies. Lastly I remember red rocks and bunk beds as well as a feeling of freedom from walking down wooden paths guided only by the flash light.

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  1. Those are some awesome memories Leigh. I remember thinking the counsellors were so cool too. And, you know what? I know some of MY campers now that they're adults, and they thought the same of me. Funny.

  2. Great post Leigh. I can totally relate to looking up to my counsellors. They definitely were the cool cats :) The university crowd that travelled alone throughout South America and India. That's what really inspired me to travel independently after university and spend 6 months in India. I had a fabulous time. On my own, independence and confident...all thanks to summer camp :) Hope to see you at the Camp Expo!

  3. Mara and Agatha, thanks for sharing your experiences as well. Agatha that's so cool you did travelling because of their influence and Mara that's wild you are still in touch! Wow.


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