3 Reasons for a Spring Quebec Getaway to Montreal, Quebec

I am getting spring fever. It is in the air, strong like my allergies from this sweet, warm weather we are experiencing.

Which brings me to the reason for this post, a visit to Montreal would be refreshing.  Montreal is cosmopolitan, sensual and sensational.

Quebec is romantic, historic and the vibe there is just different then Toronto. I love it.  This is the perfect time of the year to stroll along the cobbled streets and smell the fresh flowers that line the street with artisans and little boutiques. My favourite destination with my husband is Montreal - I love exploring Montreal neighbourhoods like Plateau, Saint- Laurent and of course Old Montreal, although somehow that seems a bit too commercial for my liking. That said I do appreciate the gorgeous surroundings and the fact that it is surrounded by the waters of the St. Lawrence. 

My travel to Montreal is handled by the best travel agencies who are experts at Quebec travel and can provide you with authentic trip ideas. There are many good reasons to head east, but here are the main reasons why I love travelling to Montreal:  

Three Reasons for a Spring Fling in Montreal:

  1. Montreal is a great place for a quick romantic getaway - it is only 4 hours from Toronto (take the train if you can, for total relaxation). The trip feels like you are a world away... a European world without having to leave our country.

  2. The food in Montreal is absolutely wonderful. I love the variety of choices. There are so many fantastic restaurants which are grouped together with pedestrian walk ways.

  3. Montreal is affordable. There are so many choices for accommodations and such fantastic areas to explore without spending a lot of money. Montreal is a very walkable city so you can spend most of your time seeing the city on foot. The parks are romantic and walking the trails of the St. Lawrence is just down right good for your soul.  
Here is my number 1 Tip for a Montreal Getaway:  If you are planning on enjoying too much fine cuisine in Montreal? Burn some calories and see more of Montreal by renting a bike. Montreal is known to be a great biking city with great paths  to explore  and there are many places to rent bikes.

So what are you waiting for - go book your rendezvous today!



  1. Quebec is romantic, historic and the vibe there is just different then Toronto. I love it

  2. Amazing! I can't wait to be there next week! Montreal it is! What can you say about the hotel le cantlie suites montreal because that's where I'm staying. Is that anywhere nearby cool places to check out too? Thanks much!


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