Five tips for making Magnificent Holiday Memories through Video courtesy of Kidzview

Did you ever notice how children love to see themselves on video? They are excited to show off what they know and express their perspectives on life - live on camera!  Families love seeing video as it allows a glimpse into our children's active and often hilarious lives.   

To celebrate capturing your video moments Kidzview developed a list of: 

Five tips for making magnificent holiday memories through video:

  1. Make sure you have proper lighting and sound quality when attempting to take videos.
  2. Keep videos short and sweet as they are easier to edit and keep our attention.
  3. Don't worry if there are mistakes in your videos - you can edit out unwanted footage.
  4. No time? Focus on taking videos at annual events so that you can chronicle your children's changes over the years.
  5. Sending your holiday greetings digitally this year? Consider capturing your children in a professional video!

Kidzview can help you capture your child's thoughts and dreams through video. Through masterful interview techniques Kidzview allows your child to express themselves on topics that are current, comical and close to their hearts. Rather than freezing your child in an unnatural photo pose, we follow his or her lead.

By capturing children’s personalities, dynamic expressions and their magical voices they create priceless memories. For years to come you will be able to easily access your child’s most insightful, funniest and surprising thoughts. Kidzview is able to do it in a way that allows you to control how you want to watch it. 



Kidzview Video Package Features include: 

  • A mom is in charge.... with over 20 years experience producing major TV show productions including CBC's popular TV series Spilled Milk 
  • Your choice of USB or DVD filled with various playable options of your child's interview
  • Customize for holiday greetings and keepsakes
  • Prices competitive with existing photo services, but much value added
  • Well crafted questions using the support techniques of teachers, principals and child psychologists
  •  High production value using high quality equipment, set design and editing.
  •  Beautifully packaged product ready to keep forever, or give away as a special gift for any family member.
  • We shoot in the schools for a reduced price. 
  • Kidzview also interviews children every Saturday at the centrally located beautiful urban park Brickworks between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Call to book an appointment for your child's interview.

For more information please call
Sharone at 647-887-0238 or visit



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