Finding Balance in a Crazy World!

This morning I read a blog by Deepak Chopra that encourages us to escape routine to better stimulate our minds.  I am sure most of you are in the same boat as I am, relieved to finally - after the start of a new school year - come to some sense of routine once again.  Yet the blog on escaping routine was thought provoking, and inspired me to hit on a topic I visited before in my earlier blogging days.  It is an interesting topic to revisit as a now single mom of 2 boys age 13 and 10.

Chopra's blog states that routine can be mind numbing.  I think that all of you other parents and even non-parents out there will agree that a certain degree of mind numbing is necessary for mental health in today's non-stop world!  He does however stress that certain routines are necessary to overall health and well being, such as bed times and meals.  Amen to that!  And can you imagine if school started at a different time everyday?  If you were waiting by the phone in order to go to work?  That newborns were newborns for years, preventing establishing routine sleep from everyone in your house?  No thanks. 

I admit I am pretty hung up on my calendar.  A few dear people in my life might even call me planning obsessed.  I admire those who can fly by the seat of their pants week to week or even day to day, however I need some view of what the future holds for my sanity.  And while my kids too poke me about my over-planning, they appreciate the level of organization our lives hold.  In the summer, we had our friends from Australia visit and organized a party.  The day of I told the boys we needed to go shopping for food for the party.  "What are we having?" they asked.  "I am not sure yet." I answered.  I thought they were both going to have a heart attack as my older one said "Who are you and what have you done with my mother!!"  If routine prevents conscious living, throwing together a last minute meal for 20 plus people was a pretty conscious few hours for me - I was sure conscious of the stress of NOT pre-planning!

But overall, does my organization of my life and that of my children prevent me from spontaneity and conscious living?  Not at all - I think the key to happy living is balance between the two.

My house is always open to our friends and family, and constantly filled with last minute guests, joining us in conscious living at its best.  Whether we are throwing together a meal, playing a game, having an impromptu dance party or playing our instruments and singing songs, we are as conscious and connected as we can be in that moment of time.  Deciding to abandon our chores to enjoy a hike in the woods on a beautiful day reminds us of the world around us continuing to spin regardless of dust and laundry.  Deciding to pass on a scheduled event in lieu of some quiet time to cuddle connects us to each other and our oh so important existence together. 

And routine itself can be conscious living - the boys scheduled extracurricular activities are not numbing to their minds but enriching their minds, whether learning an instrument, a martial art, or how to save a life, they are connected and in the moment of learning on many levels important to being connected.  Their schooling, while routine, I sure hope isn't mind numbing (and know isn't, thanks to their school's philosophical base in connection.)!  And while, yes, I do find my job mind numbing at times, still provides opportunity for learning and being connected.

So balance is the key to a life that is enriched with meaning and purpose.  Routine keeps us well oiled machines - rested, nourished and organised to function - to enjoy the spontaneity to reconnect with life and the things that are important in it - friends, family, nature, love, learning, and reveling in all the beauty life has offer every moment of every day when we escape the routine.

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Kristine is constantly trying to keep up to her 2 active boys - a tween and a teen.  They share a love of the outdoors, travel and adventure; art, music and literature; friends, food and fun; and most of all, their two dogs.

An artist at heart, Kristine started her career path pursuing a Fine Arts degree. Sidetracked from that road, she ended up working in the field of Engineering and has spent her working years balancing two full time jobs - being a mom and a professional.

Although "spare time" may be sparse, Kristine enjoys time with her family and friends, as well as satisfying a severe case of wanderlust whenever possible. Writing has always been an
interest, both as a reader and writer.



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