Happy Diwali 2012 - How to Have Fun in Little India

Happy Diwali!

As is listen to fireworks go off outside I thought I'd share:

We are lucky to live in the area of the Gerrard India Bazaar, which opens us up to many different cultural opportunities, the latest of which is Diwali.  Over the weekend Gerrard was open up to celebration, which included dancing, music, lights, and lots of delicious food!  Diwali is known as 'the festival of lights' and celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over dark. 

Diwali is an important time for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, and lasts for 5 days.  During the 5 days different gods and goddesses are celebrated and honoured.  Food, especially sweets, are also important to the celebrations.  It is wonderful at this time to go out in my backyard with the dogs in the morning, and already smell the delicious food cooking!  It is also wonderful to walk along Gerrard Street and see the lights and hear the music, feeling like we are part of the festival with all the good spirit in the air!

In the pre-Christmas season, it's nice to feel festive around something that reminds one of what Christmas is really about, goodness, friends, family, food and celebration - so rather than look at Christmas with dread (as I do when I go to Starbucks the day after Halloween and find myself in a commercial Christmas wonderland), I am reminded about the ability for goodness to reign in a sometimes not-so-great world.  I am also reminded that no matter what our cultural and spiritual differences, we all believe in the same important things, and can share the joy with each other year round.

You can make the most of Diwali with your family by:

  • lighting candles
  • spending family time together
  • feasting
  • singing 
  • dancing

Sounds great, doesn't it? 

Here's to goodness and light! (And if you missed the Bollywood dance lessons and mountains of delicious sweets offered in the Gerrard India Bazaar, be sure to visit next year!)

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