Stepping out on the Town: Sheeham and Lotus bring toe tapping old time Jazz, Blues and Fiddle for Fashionable Night of Fancy Fun!

I am over the top excited to go and see this jazzy performance - as a huge lover of jazz and blues, an evening out to watch Sheesham and Lotus perform will be a dream come true! My husband and myself just recently came back from a trip to New Orleans where music fills the air and the atmosphere is electric. We have always been a huge fans of live music - there is something so special and intimate about seeing a band perform live right in front of you. You get an appreciation for the band in a new way, and listening to a track on i-tunes just doesn't cut it!  Excitement and fun come from being in the crowd while you collectively sway to the music. I will be there - you can count on me cutting the rug!


Sheeham and Lotus bring a night of live music.... homemade instruments and all!

From December 28, 2012 - December 29, 2012


Toronto Centre of the Arts

5040 Yonge Street, Toronto ON, M2N 6R8

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High-steppers Sheesham and Lotus bring you an audacious mix of Old-Time, Ragtime, fiddle and banjo sung through their patented sepia-phonic Monophone! They play homemade bass harmonicas and Jaw-harps too, making them an asset to the workshop and clinic stages.

Flatfoot Buck-dance & Hambone!!

Originally brought together as the rhythm section for Canadian folk and fiddle outfit Flapjack in 1998, Sheesham and Lotus immersed themselves in the traditional music scenes wherever their travels took them, from West Virginia to Kasheshewan and California to Nova Scotia. They traded tunes and studied with old masters throughout the American south while becoming top-demand clinicians in old-time dance and music.

Sheesham and Lotus' self-produced debut CD, "Old-time Fiddle and Banjo
" was met with critical acclaim from Canadian folk music publication, 'Penguin Eggs'. They accepted invitations to play folk festivals around Canada including Winnipeg, Ottawa, Lunenberg and Sudbury, receiving high recommendations for mesmerizing performances and keen work-shop skills.

Sheesham and Lotus appear as if they are from the very old days themselves. Dressed sharply in the old style, they play jaw harps, ham-bone percussion and home-made bass harmonicas in the ragtime and mountain style. They delight with fiddle tunes and blues songs and always have an instrument on hand and a tune to play.

December 28, 2012, 7 pm
December 29, 2012, 7 pm

A taste of Sheesham and Lotus:



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