GTA Parent Weekly Scoop: School Board Strike Dates and Toronto reacts to Princess Kate Pregnancy Tragedy

Toronto's sick - Sick over the REAL Tragedy that has Struck Princess Kate's Pregnancy

Last week was a fun week for news. This week.... not so much. It started out promising for sure - news hit that Princess Kate was pregnant and I was very excited. News stations across Toronto were abuzz with excitement.  I admit to be caught up in the excitement too. I enjoyed the 30 page spread in Maclean's magazine this week celebrating the new royal baby bump. However, things really turned for the worse when suicide overshadowed the news of the pregnancy.  Seems an Australian DJ Duo thought it would be funny (rather grade two humour) to call up the hospital Kate was staying at ( for treatment of severe morning sickness). The DJ's fooled the nurse "on air" into giving out  information about the status of Kate's health.

It is hard enough being pregnant and sick, let alone pregnant and sick under the watchful eye of the world's public. Then to know your pregnancy led to the tragic death of a nurse. How upsetting would that be? These DJ's have to live with themselves after what they did. I am sure Kate and William are also dealing with some serious stress around all of this.  It just makes me feel sick to think that such a lovely event has to turned so awful!

Now on to other sick news.....

Ontario School Boards Possible Strike Timeline

Photo Credit: Fred Chartrand, The Canada Press

Things didn't get much better later in the week. Seems school boards are likely to strike after weeks of speculation..... Get ready for it!

After I finally stopped reading Princess Kate stuff I finally got to work looking for some information on the school strike. After doing some digging I found a good source for helpful information. Here is a list of Ontario elementary school board strikes timelines courtesy of 
of The Globe and Mail :

Date of Possible  Strike Walks Outs:

Avon Maitland (Monday, Dec. 10)

Keewatin-Patricia (Tuesday, Dec. 11)

Niagara (Tuesday, Dec. 11)

Ottawa Carleton (Wednesday, Dec. 12)

Hastings and Prince Edward (Wednesday, Dec. 12)

Lakehead (Wednesday, Dec. 12)

Boards where a walkout is possible with 72 hours notice (already in a legal strike position):

Lambton Kent

Kawartha Pine Ridge

Rainy River



Thames Valley

Trillium Lakelands

Upper Grand




Boards where a walkout is possible after Dec. 10:


Greater Essex





Boards where a walkout is possible on or after Dec. 13:



Near North

Upper Canada

Dec. 14:

Grand Erie

Dec. 17:





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