This Week in Toronto / GTA Parent: Embarrassing Bieber, Rob Ford Kicked Out, Argos Win Grey Cup and Movember comes to an end.

Grey Cup Celebrations! Congrats Argos!

What a week for exciting Toronto news. Sunday my family and I spent the day in downtown Toronto where we enjoyed the Telus Street Festival taking place for the 100th Grey Cup Celebrations. My husband even got the chance to throw the football around. Unfortunately, I didn't capture him catching the ball but I can tell you that he did catch it on first try. It just didn't make it on film, try as we may, we just could not recreate this bliss. The fun continued as my boys got to go inside a real army tank and we  also got a lot of free chips for our evening Grey Cup Party at home.  The best of all ... Argos won! Woo whoo!

The week continued to get spicier then our Grey Cup chicken wings

Rob Ford - Kicked out of Office:

The week was going along merrily when I get an email from a friend of mine that Rob Ford had been kicked out of office. I was shocked.  I have often thought about writing about Rob Ford on Gta Parent, but not about what you would expect.... Believe me there is no lack of content: train wreck public speaking skills, his cut backs, his love of foodball and his general snarky attitude are all very pen to paper worthy. But what I do find shocking enough to write about is how people love to make fun of the way he looks and his weight. I find it very sad that we rip apart someone because of their personal appearance. Sure, he is not exactly sexy but should his weight be something we make fun of him for? Seems rather juvenile to me. Either way - jokes continue and there is lots to talk about with his departure and whether we will see him come back.  Will he appeal his dismissal? Or run again in a by-election? Guess we will just have to wait and find out. It will make for some really interesting news.

Embarrassing Bieber - Ohh Justin Bieber didn't your mama tell you how to dress? 

There was lots of news about Bieber this week - the fact that he played the Grey Cup (and didn't seem the right fit for the big burly football fans) and also his honour of  receiving Diamond Jubilee Medal. People everywhere were perplexed to know why someone forgot to tell him to pack a suit. I don't know what was more shocking - his backwards ball cap or his 90's overalls. It was like watching a train wreck.  As a mom of two boys I am blessed with the fact that at this stage in the game they will wear whatever I tell them to. I never have to argue about what they wear. I do think that as they get older and exhibit their lack of teenage sense dressing like a twit will be cool. This will certainly age me. Please boys don't be a Bieber. It would kill your mother. 

Toronto Man Arrested for Twitter Stalking 

Toronto resident, Greg E. Elliott was arrested after allegedly engaging in months of Twitter harassment in Toronto this week. A well known toronto graffiti artist. Greg was coined a "Twitter troll" to some. Sad to hear this happened and all I can hope is that we all think twice about our online behaviour and where it can lead! Similar stupidity occurred on Twitter again this week when some high school girls in Brampton who took to Twitter to bash their teacher only to get in major trouble for it. Remember people - if you can't say it to their face then perhaps it shouldn't be said at all... Just a thought.

A man who needs no introduction as his name is on his hat.

Women take back their men - Movember comes to an end. Mass facial hair shaved off across the GTA.

In celebration of Movember and the $200 my husband raised we enjoyed the last of his facial hair with a spanish celebration courtesy of my lovely friends John and Julie. Wine flowed and my husband showed charm, wit and well.... really bad facial hair.

He created a full and conditioned moustache after a month of painstaking care. However the end of this week saw the end to the creepy stash until November 2013.

I am really proud of his perseverance and I know how important it is to him to raise funds for this really crappy disease.

That being said I am doing the happy dance now that he looks less like Tom Hanks and more like the husband I know and love. The video below goes to show you how far the men of Movember have come and the distance we put between ourselves and these men.



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