Urban Retreat & Conference for Professional and Entrepreneurial Women Featuring Danielle LaPorte

April 14th & April 15th at the Hyatt King Street join us for THE Entrepreneurial Conference of the Year!

We are so excited to announce our 3rd Annual Go For It  Conference and Urban Retreat for professional women and entrepreneurs.

If you are stuck, confused or want to get further ahead with your business than this is the conference attend. We will give you the tools and the plan to succeed - guaranteed.

We are also excited to announce new this year that we also have an urban retreat on the Sunday so that you can relax, unwind and learn how to take care of yourself from both a personal and business standpoint. Connect, network, learn, achieve and have fun. We have parties, pampering business coaching, amazing presentations and keynotes that will have you inspired and focused for greater success.

Go For It Conference &Urban Retreat at a Glance


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