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I’m a mom who is passionate about getting kids outdoors. For us being outside is not just an activity but also a lifestyle and it starts when your kids are young. We started right in the beginning when both of my kids started napping outdoors in their prams. And it continued as they left the prams for their first snowsuits. Now I see my kids for playing outside all year round in all kinds of weather.
I’m considered to be a Free Range parent by many people.

But, I am a militantly over protective parent about two things.
1.) My kids are dressed for the weather.
2.) They wear safety reflectors to help them be visible in rainy and dark conditions.
This is because I know that Ontario (and Canada) has a high pedestrian accident rate during the fall and winter months; especially around dusk time.
“In 2010, the most recent Ontario data available [Ontario Road Safety Annual Report], the peak times for serious injuries and fatalities to pedestrians involved in motor vehicle collisions was between 4pm and 9pm”, said Ajay Woozageer of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

He also points out that, as the days get shorter in the winter months, motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians increase. “The most dangerous times for pedestrians is during the autumn and winter months”, said Woozageer. “From 2006 to 2010, 40% of serious injuries and 42% of fatalities to pedestrians occurred between October and January.”

Many people think streetlights are enough, but this is wrong. When darkness falls, you may see the car but the driver may not see you. The good news is that you can help prevent accidents from happening by simply wearing a safety reflector.

When I could not find any wearable safety reflector in the city of Toronto, I decided to create my own line of safety reflectors for Canadians. 
Finland invented the one thing that has, according to the World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Road Safety, made Scandina­vian countries experience the lowest pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents in the world. The humble safety reflector…

Kari Svenneby and  is all about getting families outdoors. She and  has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Wildlife Federation, Norwegian Public Radio, Backpacker Magazine, Kaboom and an early collaborator with Children and Nature Network. Kari and was also recently featured in Andrea Gordon’s (Toronto Star E-book) “Forest Kids : Why the mod­ern classroom is moving outside”.



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