Children Have Fun, Gain Confidence and Gain Real World Life Skills with Cooking Classes at Liaison Culinary College Toronto West Campus!

Are you looking for a fun and creative outlet that teaches real world life skills and builds confidence? Junior Sure Chef Course at The Toronto West Liaison Culinary College Campus is the answer!

When kids get into the kitchen and prepare meals, gaining confidence,
knowledge and skills that drive their self-esteem to new heights. The feeling of
pride is evident on the faces on the Junior Sure Chefs and the fun atmosphere
leaves the kids looking forward to their next class. 

Liaison College Toronto West Campus is pleased to make our professional training kitchen available to the Sure Chef Program to start aspiring Cooks on the road toward a healthy lifestyle. Parents and care-givers take a break for 2 hours… the kids are cooking today.

Sure Chef Instructor, Chef Sandra has a gift for teaching kids about food, nutrition and good eating habits. She patiently coaches these budding chefs with hands-on preparation of their own meals, to enjoy and share with their family

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Toronto West Liaison College "Sure Chef" Children's Cooking Course Overview: 

1) Feature: Avocado - Avocado Chocolate Pudding / Salad Boats / Avocado Pesto with Zoodles (zucchini spiral noodles)

Activities: Kitchen Safety / Cinnamon Germ Game / Avocado Pit Tree

2) Feature: Mango – Green Mango Salad / Mango Coconut Avocado Pudding / Mango Fruit Leather

Activities: Properly Combine Foods / Fruits in Season Game

3) Feature: Chia – White Chia Lemonade / Cauliflower Spinach Chia Pizza / Quinoa Chia Berry Muffins

Activities: Chia Superfood Game / Chia Replacements Guessing Game

4) Feature: Garlic – Hearty Garlic Greens / Homemade Falafels / Arugula Parmesan Sun Dried Tomatoe Pesto

Activities: Garlic Plant Game

5) Feature: Kale – Kale Apple Chickpea Salad / Kale Quinoa Fritters / Mango Curry Kale Chips
Activities: Iron Kale Superfood Game

6) Feature: Flax Seed – Flax Muffins / Nature Salad Mix / Crispy Flax Snax
Activities: Nutrients and Strength Game

7) Feature: Pomegranate – Pomegranate Guacamole / Barely Pomegranate Salad / Pomegranate Breakfast Quinoa with Coconut Chips

Activities: Colour n’ juice Matching Game

8) Feature: Quinoa – Fresh Quinoa Boost Salad / Quinoa Cakes
Activities: Quinoa Shapes and Styling Game

9) Feature: Hemp Seed – Hemp Chickpea Samosas with Mint Sauce / Pumpkin Hemp Cookies / Pineapple Coleslaw with Mint, Hemp Seed and Greek Yoghurt

10) Family Party Day!: The Junior Sure Chefs will prepare and share their favourite recipes for friends and family

Activities: Graduation Ceremony

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About Liaison College Toronto West Campus:

Liaison College is the largest career college in Ontario that focuses solely and exclusively on training in the culinary arts, with over 10,000 graduates since it opened its first campus in 1996.
The courses are designed with the guidance of some of Canada’s top chefs and are reviewed annually to ensure they provide up-to-date training for chefs and cooks. Diploma programs are Ministry approved and the college is a member of the OACC.
 The Chef Owner/Instructors of the Toronto West Campus are world renowned chefs . You are invited  to book an appointment to come in and tour of the campus.

Programs include:
  • 6 Ministry approved diploma programs
  • Recreational cooking classes
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