Jimmy Kimmel Loves the Rob Ford Toronto Council Impromptu Dance! So do I!

Photo Credit: David Cooper/AP

You might be wondering why I have not written about Rob Ford considering for the last six months he is certainly news worthy. I have only written one article about Rob Ford talking about how I am uncomfortable I am with making fun of his weight (or anyone's weight for that matter).  

Back then it was a tame controversy compared to the hot water Rob's been in lately. Recently a libel suit was brought on by Toronto Star Reporter Daniel Dale over comments he made in relation to Daniel being at his property. Daniel fought back and did drop the suit after Rob apologized for his comments which implied that he was a pedophile.

Here is the interview that that started it all - including clips from the Zoomer TV inteview with Conrad Black:

Now the best part. I am a light-hearted person and I love a good joke over a fight any day.
 It has been so depressing listening to the news in the last few months. I can't stand all the negativity and certainly hate to see my city, Toronto seen in such poor light! So...... when I saw Rob Ford and the members of council dancing in the chambers I was LOVING it!

 It is Christmas time - we need to come together people! So I thank my husband for showing it to me. It's too bad that we Canadians have gotten a ribbing from Jimmy Kimmel about being "weird". I'll take weird of boring any day



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