Surviving the Ice Storm! Day 6 of the GTA Toronto Power Outages

What a holiday! It was a white Christmas for sure - snow falling gently all day on Christmas. The sun came out on boxing day and I have never been so grateful for heat and electricity as I am now.

This is day 6 of the blackout for some.

Everyday I get updates from friends and family as their power is restored.

We were extremely lucky to have power the whole time. My sister-in-law did lose power, and moved her family into our house Sunday night. My boys were thrillled for an impromptu sleep over with their cuzzies! Then their power came on hours after the boys went to bed, so they packed up the family and started to heat the house up.

Trees and branches came down across the GTA and conditions were dicey to say the least. Folks missed flights and Christmas was in darkness for many.

We still can't get into one of our cars as the ice has blocked us from opening the doors - instead I shimmy through the hatch - it is comical.

This is not a funny time for the many still without power. Families retreated to hotels or called on friends for a place to stay. Christmas had to be simplified. We focused more on being together as the most important goal. 

We all wondered how the old timers survived without power in the distant past. Are we tough or a bit soft for all our current luxuries? Emergency kits, generators and plan B has never been so important as it is now! 

Has our collective experience brought us closer? I hope so. 

For more info on day 6 of the storm click here:

How was your experience? Did you lose power? How has your holiday changed because of this crazy storm?



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