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So many yummy options!

We had a small group of family members coming over on a Sunday afternoon  just before the holidays to watch our kids display their talents in a holiday performance at our local church. Then the plan was to come back to our house for annual visit and lunch.  With so many things to worry about in the holiday madness (coupled with an ice storm!) having someone else prepare the food for lunch would be a huge help.  I wanted to try something new but didn't have the time or energy to start calling around to make new connections. So instead, I ordered from a local Toronto restaurant with the help of 

I signed up for an account on's secure website and in no time at all, I was browsing online menus.  I simply entered my postal code and the Just-Eat environment immediately opened my eyes to local establishments right around the corner from my house - I didn't even know that some of these places existed!

Clicking around the options available, I could browse through and consider my choices; Indian?, Thai?, Mexican?... we settled on Italian. The drop-down menu selections made it super simple to pick out our lunch.  To the right of the screen, it kept a running tally of the bill so I could be conscious not to run over budget - very handy feature indeed.  It added up the cost of the meals, the accessories and even let me throw in a tip for the driver in advance. There were plenty of restaurants listed that offered 20% discount off our order as well, so it makes it extra cost effective too.

Just-Eats' secure website already had my credit card information safely stored from the account sign-up so there was nothing more to fuss about.  The food arrived to our doorstep timely and hot, no need to exchange cash or process a credit card - just had to grab the delicious smelling paper bags and exchange holiday pleasantries with the driver (who was also the owner!).

Speaking of which… we ordered from Il Padres Gourmet Pizza which is close to where we live – yet we didn’t even know this place existed!

We ordered the Family Special which included:

  •  One Large Specialty Pizza
  • 12 Oven Baked Chicken Wings
  • Bruschetta Slices
  • Your Choice of Salad
  • 4 Cans of Coke
All for only $28.00

We also ordered Gnocchi with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and basil pesto. All the food was really fresh, and the driver (who as I mentioned was the owner) was extremely courteous and helpful even though he was working with no electricity during Toronto’s epic ice-storm!

Our family sat down to eat together and enjoy our annual visit without the hassle of kitchen prep and clean up. I have to say it was one of my least stressful annual holiday parties … EVER! bought us some extra time with family any peaked my interest on the possibilities of take-out delights in my neighbourhood - I can't wait to place my next order.




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