New Parking Laws in The City Of #Toronto - Yet Another Reason Not to Drive Downtown!

The other day I was at our local library trying to find a parking spot. I did my duty and paid my parking dues and went in to the library with my family. The funny thing was when I came out, I noticed a parking control vehicle illegally parked. I also remember this happening once before by St. Joseph's Hospital. This story was even better. The parking control officer was illegally parked, and on foot, actively ticketing other cars in the area. I said something to him ( I was not illegally parked.... and of course mouthy me) and he said he was allowed to park where ever he wanted.

Is true...? Maybe. 

I also remember the days of putting up with street parking and how complicated and stressful it was especially in winter when snow drifts would take up coveted spots. Neighbours would try and save their spots with pylons. Classic.....Those are days I do not miss anymore. I pay gratitude to my double car driveway everyday now :)

I can imagine that being a Parking Control Officer is not a lot of fun... I would guess that people want to see a Parking Control Officer as much as they want to see the dentist that drills their teeth. I get it.  

Anyway, there are new laws meant to curb traffic congestion.

Yet another reason why I won't try and park in downtown Toronto anymore:

“You’re being punished for parking during rush hour, and inconveniencing many, many people, costing money and keeping people away from their families who want to get home at night or people who are rushing to get to work,” Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong said during a news conference at city hall on Tuesday.

“Absolutely you’re getting punished.”

Minnan-Wong, who chairs the city’s public works committee, said the key elements of the program include:

  • increased fines for unlawful stopping, standing and parking on rush hour roads;
  • implementation of a fixed fine system for parking offences;
  • towing habitual parking offenders when found parked illegally;
  • increased ticketing for displaying expired licence plate validation stickers.

Minnan-Wong said that a $150 fine, which is up from $60, will apply for standing, stopping or parking illegally on rush-hour roads between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The fixed fine system is intended to help streamline the court system since the fine payable for a ticket will now be the same amount that appears on the face of the ticket.

Under the habitual offender towing initiative (HOTI), illegally parked vehicles will be towed immediately if the offender has three or more unpaid parking tickets and 120 days has passed since the last offence. Click here for a map of towing yards where towed cars end up.

The penalties for having a vehicle towed include a towing fee of $200 and daily storage of $80, he added. 

Yet another reason to leave the car at home and walk or subway it when you can. 



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