No Recess? Really? It's not a Polar Vortex.... it's JUST WINTER!

I grew up outside of Peterborough in the country.
I walked down a big hill and up a big hill everyday to get to and from school via the school bus.

Temperatures were ALWAYS frigid but it was winter. We expected it and dress for it.

There was always recess - even in frigid "polar vortex" weather. I think only if it hit minus -50 with the  windchill,  did we MAYBE  stay in for recess.  We also played all over the playground. Playgrounds weren't closed due to cold weather.

Today my son told me that they haven't had recess all week because it is TOO COLD. This is what he said: "The school doesn't want to get sued over kids getting frostbite (because the grade 8's don't dress properly for winter)".

Every day my son walks to school with his friends. He wears the hat (pictured on the left) with a grey balaclava under it to keep his cheeks and chin warm. He wears snow pants and heavy duty mitts that keep his hands warm. He has a good pair of warm boots.

HE NEVER COMPLAINS ABOUT THE COLD and would love to go out for recess.

I just don't get it - children need fresh air.... getting away from the indoors and the "indoor recess noise" in order to get exercise and decompress! Why do we always accommodate the minority that aren't prepared for winter?

I really don't understand. It is winter people. Enjoy the snow. It is beautiful.



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