Learn to Skate in the Great Outdoors - Rennie Park, Toronto West

My husband is my ice skating "Dad" hero. Almost every year he builds an outdoor skating rink in our back yard and also shuffles back and forth from Rennie Outdoor Rink in West Toronto  (near the Famous High Park) to our house multiple times over a weekend, so that our youngest can learn to skate and our oldest can play in the Swansea Outdoor Hockey League. 

The parking and narrow streets can be daunting at times especially when it is busy and there is lots of snow (with our polar vortexes and all....) but dad takes it all in stride.

This week I decided it was about time I help out on the rink duties.

was shocked to see how much our little guy had learned on the ice over the season so far.... He was proudly skating to me and got himself up every time he fell down! 

I borrowed a helmet and practiced with him as he scooted and I glided, while taking in the sights of the rink - hundreds of parents enjoying a sunny January day. 

Very few tears - just games between parents, kids and instructors. 

I felt very proudly Canadian today. 



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