Got Weekend Plans? Save & See the Harlem Globetrotters in Toronto This Weekend 25% off tickets Friday April 11 and 12th!


When I was 9 years old my Dad took me to see the Harlem Globetrotters at Maple Leaf Gardens. I wasn't really sure what I was in store for, I had heard of the World famous Basketball team and that they were playing a 'Championship' match against the Washington Generals in our hometown - how exciting! We arrived at the Gardens and it was instantly a different vibe than the Hockey games I was lucky enough to see there. It seemed much groovier that night. There was a pulsing energy on the court and in the crowd. My Dad treated me to a large program that featured the players of the day; Curly Neale, Goose and other cool guys.

When I watched the Globetrotters perform, I couldn't help being blown away entertained by their hilarious antics and zany skills. In my mind these guys in loud, shiny blue and red outfits were surely some of the greatest athletes on Earth!

Well the Globetrotters did handily pull off that 'Championship' win against the hapless Generals and I felt l privileged to be there to witness it. I kept that large program by my bedside for months after the show and looked through it frequently, reimagining more Globetrotter antics. I also got switched-on to their Saturday morning cartoon show that I looked forward to weekends for so I could watch it. When I got my  tickets to this weekend's performance at Ricoh Centre, I shared that memory with Dad who told my that my Grandad had taken HIM to see the Globetrotters beat up on the Generals back in the 1950s and he loved that show in much the same way. 

This weekend, April 11/12, the Globetrotters bring their world famous act to Toronto's Ricoh Centre. I am really looking forward to taking my 2 boys to watch them and seeing what they make out of seeing a 'Championship' basketball game and a hilarious show. Check out the link here through to save 25% on last minute tickets. See you at the game / show!



Rob Mitchell, GTA Parent @bobeeats



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