5 reasons why the online game Minecraft is educational from a child's perspective

Hey parents here are 5 reasons why you should let your kids play Minecraft.

  1. My first reason is Minecraft helps your kids become architects because Minecraft is a building tool which  helps your kids with design and creativity.
  2. It helps with imagination and creativity. The sky is the limit... Build a skyscraper or castle just to name a few.
  3. Minecraft has a safety policy which helps your kids stay safe. On not only Minecraft, but also other websites there is their safety policy to remind you to never to give out your real name or use it as your username. Also never give out personal details like what school you go to or how old you are. Lastly, never tell anybody your password except for a parent or guardian.
  4. It teaches kids random facts. I learned that paper can be made from sugarcane. It taught me also that not everything comes from a store, many things can be grown in the wild.
  5. My fifth reason is your kids can invent a machine in Minecraft with something called redstone. It takes sometime to figure out but after a while your kids will be master it and then they can make a machine and feel accomplished.
There are 3 versions of minecraft xbox,computer and ipad. Let your child try it out!



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