Bring on the Colour!!

What does your child love to do in the summer?  (or anytime really!)
What draws them in?  What makes them excited to get started on something?  

Do they love to colour? paint? take pictures? make videos?
Do they like to be in videos? act? play sports?
Whatever it is...tap into it!

Summer is a great time to tap into these creative or active parts of your child in a free and unstructured way that allows them to express themselves.  

Through the activities they love, your child can tap into their talents, abilities and strengths!

Watch how they respond to fun summer activities, and be as much a part of them as you can.
You might notice things like:
They can focus on the activity for hours...
They are able to recall details that normally they are unable to...
They seem to complete the activity effortlessly whereas others are lagging behind...

Whatever details you observe...let them know!

Tell them:
You focus on every detail that I don’t even see!
You can select the best colours to put together.
Your images are colourful and fun -- they draw me in and make me think about summer!
You are so fast and graceful when you are swimming.
You just seem to know how to put things together.
You create such funny stories when you put together your plays!
You really know how to comfort your friend when they are hurt.

This isn’t  just telling your child “sweet encouraging words”-- because honestly, they know when you are “just being nice” to them!  

This is you telling them what you see that comes ‘naturally’ to them -- WHAT they are really good at -- and WHY they are really good at it.  

You are helping them learn their strengths!  You are highlighting what makes them UNIQUE.  What makes them….THEM.

And when they know what they are good at,  then they can accept what they are not good at.  

This knowledge of strengths is so important.  WE, as parents, have the ability to offer insight into this, so our children can start to tap into these strengths NOW.  Your child can only do this when they REALLY realize what their strengths are ...and that these strengths can sometimes go unnoticed because they come easily to them.   But with your eyes, you can help them see their abilities.  

And doesn’t every child (and person!) need to know what they are really good at?!

Susan A Schenk

Susan Schenk's company "Technology & Tools for kids" offers resources and support for parents and professionals -- so they can help kids gain skills at home and school in a step-by-step approach. Visit her at  

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